Liquor Store Crack Down

[ Last March 31st KOLO 8 News accompanied street enforcment or set team members as they sent in volunteer underage buyers to purchase alcohol at the Dhenshire Market.

Police say its chronic problem and according to SET Team Sergeant Brent Teasley the Dhenshire has a reputation with local kids as "the" place to go to alcohol.

Sgt. Brent Teasley is part of the SET Team. " Secret Witness complaints, Parents come into our office on our line, and they are upset that this store is continuing to sell alcohol to minors, not just accidentally, but knowingly and willingly."

A look at the Dhenshire Liquor license, and the store has been charged with selling alcohol to minors four times in the last three years. The previous owner had an even longer list of violations before the city pulled her license. What has caught the city's attention now, is last Friday and Monday where police say the market sold to underage buyers on both days.

\Matthew Jensen a Deputy City Attorney says a liquor license is a privledge." The safety and security of citizens indeed outweigh the money that can be gained from license regulation."

Jensen tells me both a civil and criminal investigation is underway involving the Dhenshire Market.
I tried to talk to the owner today, his son tells me he wasn't available...and while he would not talk on camera, he told me the charges are baseless, his father he says checks i-d everytime.

For neighbors this has been a long drawn out process...where they believe their personal safety has been compromised.
Tracy Dean lives just down the street from the market. "This is not legal, and we are all at risk, everyone of the road out here is at risk, where are they going to they might be local kids they might be driving here to get it, because they know they can get it at that store."