Renown Patient has other Patients' Records

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Did Renown Regional Medical Center break the law, when it comes to protecting patients' privacy?
A Reno woman who recently went to the hospital for testing says she left with other people's medical records.
We'll call her "Karen" because she doesn't want her identity revealed.
Karen says she was alone in a room with a technician and either picked up, or was given the sensitive medical records of two other patients.
Karen says she called Renown, to return the records, but was bounced around to six different people.
She says one hospital employee even told her to just bring the documents back, when she came for an appointment the next day.
The documents contain social security numbers, tests ordered and even some test results.
"I have everything I need to commit identity theft on these people... I feel like I'm violating them, I have sensitive information about these individuals that I have no right to have," Karen said.
Renown confirms that a patient received the records of two other people.
In a statement, the hospital says: "We are attempting to speak to the two patients involved, and will have no further comment until we can talk to them, and until we can complete our investigation."
The Department of Health and Human Services says if medical privacy laws are violated, civil penalties can be imposed.