Entry Ports

A state Assembly panel has been urged to approve four entry ports on main Nevada highways, where high-tech equipment could scan up to 20-thousand trucks a day to see if they're being used to smuggle drugs, people or explosives that could be used by terrorists.

Assemblyman John Oceguera says the entry ports would be on Interstate 15 in southern Nevada and Interstate 80 in northern Nevada, on the state's eastern and western borders.

Lon Peterson of Asysco Technology told lawmakers that his company would install X-ray devices at the ports and cover their 25 million-dollar cost for a cut of the revenue generated from truck inspections.

Besides identifying contraband, Peterson says the devices can
spot mechanical problems and that would help to reduce accidents
involving the big rigs.

While many police agencies backed the plan, it was opposed by the Nevada Motor Transport Association, which represents trucking firms, and questioned by the state Transportation Department.