GOP Caucus

It looks like Nevada Republicans are primed to move their caucus to the same date next January as the Democrats are going to use.

The decision isn't official. It will have to be voted on by the
party's Central Committee, scheduled to meet April 21st in Carson

But activist Chuck Muth, who advocated for the change in e-mail
newsletters and a petition, thinks the votes are there for the

The Democratic and Republican parties have different processes
nationally for setting their presidential nominating schedules, but
both generally discourage states from having 2008 contests before
February fifth.

Iowa and New Hampshire have traditionally had early competitions
before the "Super Tuesday" date.

In fact, New Hampshire law requires that it be first.

Governor Gibbons apparently is prepared to get behind the early
caucus move in Nevada.

He met with Muth on Wednesday and said that if the executive
committee of the Nevada Republican Party and other elected
officials support moving it up to January 19th, then he would
support their efforts.