Two Red Lion employees arrested in Elko for cheating

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ELKO, Nev. (AP) - Two keno writers at the Red Lion Inn and
Casino in Elko have been arrested at the casino on suspicion of
cheating at gaming and conspiracy to cheat.
Officials say 35-year-old Annette Howell of Spring Creek and
46-year-old Eulalia Spurk of Elko were arrested.
Chief Jerry Markling of the Nevada Gaming Control Board says it
is believed they miscalled games in order to benefit someone else.
Bail was set at ten-thousand-dollars each. Spurk had a mental
health arrest charge in addition to the cheating and conspiracy to
cheat charges.
Markling says the board believes two games were involved on
March eleventh, with a total amount of about 173 dollars.
He says it is uncommon for keno writers to cheat this way, but
the method does not require an advanced plan and is fairly easy to

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