Business Owners File Suit Over Homeless Shelter

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A group of business owners has filed a lawsuit over the Reno City Council's site for a homeless shelter.

The owners claim the council's decision to locate the shelter at Record and Fourth streets could halt ongoing efforts to revive the struggling area.

The suit asks for a judge to review the council's Feb. 11 decision and seeks more than $10,000 in damages to be paid to the Reno-Sparks Business Corridor Association.

"The association isn't against the project," said its president Gaye Canepa. "We are for the best project possible. We are not going to allow our neighborhood to become a garbage dump."

Mayor Bob Cashell, who has pledged to work with the business owners, said the lawsuit was unnecessary.

"I don't understand their game plan," Cashell said. "We're already working on getting lights and starting to do things with them."