Girl hit by SUV on Dayton school playground

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DAYTON, Nev. (AP) - A six-year-old girl was flown to a Reno
hospital this morning after she was struck by a car that jumped the
curb at Sutro Elementary School and crashed through the playground
at the school in Dayton.
The accident happened just before nine this morning as
27-year-old Judy Perez was delivering her daughter to first-grade
Perez said when she pulled up to the gate surrounding the
kindergarten and first-grade playground, her brakes didn't work.
The kindergarten girl whose name has not yet been released, was
in line to begin classes for the day.
After striking the girl, the woman's Jeep continued on,
traveling a total of 156 yards into the playground.
The child was described as being alert and talking as she was
put on the helicopter for the flight to Reno.
Perez volunteered for a blood draw and remained at the scene for
the duration of the investigation.
The Jeep was impounded and its brake system will be inspected.

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