Verdict In

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Rob James Weishahn was murdered back in 2002. Tjeltveit's attorney argued self defense or at most involuntary manslaughter. He says Tjeltveit acted on the spur of the moment and felt Weishahn would harm his son.

Jurors unanimously agreed Tjeltveit acted with premeditation and intent. The victim's father says, after nearly five years, the family finally has justice.

Curtis Weishahn, Father, "James has been vindicated. We hope this many is put away for a very long time."

It took the twelve member jury only a few hours to deliberate. They say since Tjeltveit confessed on the stand to shooting Weishahn it was just of matter of coming back with a guilty verdict of first, second degree murder, or voluntary, involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutor, Dan Greco, says he received information Tjeltveit thought the state couldn't prove its case from a revealing phone call from jail.

Greco, Prosecutor, "We intercepted a call of him boasting to a friend the state can't prove murder maybe manslaughter (because there's no body.) He was wrong."

Tjeltveit's sentencing is scheduled for May 3rd.