Northeast Neighborhood Cleaner Tonight

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The Truckee Meadows is a cleaner place to live tonight thanks to Operation Weed and Seed.

More than a hundred people from that program and the Boys and Girls club joined forces to improve the view, and the quality of life in Northeast Reno.

When volunteers arrived on East 9th Street in northeast Reno this is what they came across . . . trash and graffiti. This was a job that would discourage many people - but actually seemed to encourage this group.

"Our town should be respected," says volunteer Breanna Bailey.

To get that same respect, the 12-year-old says it took a lot of paint, a lot of trash bags, and more than hundred volunteers dedicating their Saturday.

Aubree Taylor\Boys & Girls Club]

"This is our neighborhood. This is where the Boy's and Girl's club is," says Aubree Taylor of the club.

But, the group isn't just Boy's and Girl's club members. Reno police officers also rolled up their sleeves to spring clean.

And those efforts appear to be working.

Last year, in the month of February, more than 257 graffiti reports were called to law enforcement. Exactly one year later the number reached record monthly lows - at 133 calls.

It's a decrease organizers say is a result of this event.

If you notice graffiti or any sort of tagging your're asked to call Reno Police at 334-2099 and report what you see. Police say with your help and the help of volunteers they can keep our community clean.