Domestic Violence Dangers

Kathi Tinsley says she secretly rented his apartment a little more than two months ago to get away from Javier Serrato-Torrez...she says he was becoming abusive and controlling. But as she later found out there wasn't a safe place to live for her or for that matter her new boyfriend.

"I pull up and cops are everywhere, blood everywhere, and I'm freaking out, and the cops say calm down, calm down, he's fine. And I knew who had done it. I said to the cops immediately, It was Javier wasn't it, they said yes."

Tinsley says she left her house with her three kids Sunday morning so that Serrato-Torrez could meet with his son. But he never showed up. She would find out later, he had turned himself into the police, and her boyfriend was in a local emergency room with stab wounds to his neck, head and shoulder.

" I was crying and he was crying, and asked if they caught him, and I said yes, he turned himself in."

Looking back, the warning signs were all there Kathi says. What frightens her, she or one of her kids could have been the victim on Sunday--with fatal results.

Unfortunately her story is not unique. Many women choose to ignore the warning signs of domestic violence, or can't remove themselves because of financial or psychological constraints.
Joni Kaiser from the Committee to Aid Abused Women says women in these types of relationships need to think about their safety and the safety of their kids first.

" It is real important to look at what safety measures might be working for you and to implement those. You might need to do things differently for the sake of the children. You might need to take out a temporary protection order. You might need to cut off telephone contact. There might be some other things that will be useful for safety reasons."