Sparks Probe

The ongoing investigation into Sparks City Attorney Chet Adams apparently is nearing a conclusion.

The City Council has approved funding an additional $15,000 for the probe and also ordered their lobbyists to urge legislators not to change a bill that would allow the council to hire lawyers without the city attorney's approval.

The three-nothing vote came after city staff said the money would allow completion of the investigation of misconduct in Adams' office and a final written report.

Councilmen John Mayer, Phil Salerno and Ron Smith voted for the funds. Councilmen Ron Schmitt and Mike Carrigan were absent.

Council members were more concerned Monday with a proposed
amendment to Senate Bill 101, which they fear could put the bill in

Council members were told that state Senator Randolph Townsend
has proposed an amendment that would make the city attorney
positions in Reno and Sparks appointed, rather than elected.

Sparks and Reno are the only cities in Nevada with elected city attorneys. Sparks voters have twice rejected ballot questions that
would make the city attorney an appointed position.