Screening Is Believing - Part III

The American Cancer Society's Regional Executive Director Susie
Robinson was our patient last night. She has a history of polyps in her family so it made sence for her to have this procedure. "Screening for her would be believing in what she stood for," says one co-worker.

About 24 hours ago we found our patient, Susie Robinson in G.I. Consultants undergoing the procedure. This was her first colonoscopy, and one she won't forget for several reasons.

One big reason, the procedure was broadcast live throughout Northern

Susie was sedated - but not asleep, yet she remembers only portions of the colonscopy. "Doesn't seem like your body but you are looking at the pictures so it was fascinating," she says.

The procedure lasted only about 25 minutes. Dr. Craig Sande told us
during our live interview what he was looking for.

"Looking at the surface, looking for inflammation for polyps which are the beginnings of malignancy, or precursor of malignancy. I look for diverticulitis which are little pockets or anything abnormal," Dr. Sande said.

With a flexible tube along with a fiberoptic video camera and light, the doctor can use instruments to grab cell samples as well as remove polyps that may be growing in the colon wall.

Patients need to prep themselves by taking medication that will clear
the colon so that physicians like Dr. Sande can get a clear view of the

In the past patients have complained about the prep time, others about
the procedure itself.

Here is Susie's take. "For two days worth of time you are receiving but your piece of mind is being preserved for ten years," she says.

If you'd like more information on colonscopy or colon cancer, warning
signs, or other information call the American Cancer Society at 329-0609.

Keep in mind colon-cancer is the second leading cancer killer here in
Nevada and the rest of the country.