Theft-Proof Your Home

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This warm weather may have you keeping your doors & windows open, or getting out of the house altogether to enjoy the sunshine. This could leave your home vulnerable to theft.

Imagine, it's broad daylight and someone creeps up and breaks into your home. Locksmith Brian Personette says it can happen...and it does.'

"Thieves, hey don't care what time of day it is, they'll break into your house."

When Brian is called to change the locks on a victim's house, a lot of times he finds that the victim was careless.

"They'll recognize if you leave the garage door open or the back side of your house is not lit. They'll break down your door and go in that way."

Most thieves will use the side door to break into your house, not only because they aren't lit, but also because most people aren't aware there are ways to protect yourself.

Locking your door is number one, but you can also stall the thief by putting in a bar to turn them away.

"If a thief sees you have a bar inside your patio door, they most likely, unless they're Superman, aren't going to get through."

Unless of course they try another entrance. If they're professionals, they probably know the quickest, quietest method.

"You can buy these things basically over the Internet. What you do is click it, and basically, you're in. It doesn't take too long if you know what you're doing. Usually they want to do a smash and grab job. Kick the door in, break a window in your house."

Just because thieves can be lazy, it doesn't mean you have to be. It only takes a few seconds to lock your door, turn the key, and protect what's yours.