Nevada Tourism Launches First National TV Ad

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Nevada is promoting itself as an outdoor destination in its first-ever national tourism ad campaign, targeting a dozen cable channels that tend to appeal to an adventure-minded audience.

The $500,000 "Wide Open" campaign began Monday, focusing on the state's new adventure guide that directs people to such activities as skiing, mountain biking and kayaking.

"The `Wide Open' advertising and promotional campaign is the newest phase of Nevada's focus on outdoor adventure," according to Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt, who heads the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

The ads are running on Discovery, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports Net West, Fox Sports Net West 2, Fox Sports World, Outdoor Channel, Outdoor Life, Speed Channel, Spike TV, The Travel Channel and Animal Planet.

The state will be able to track the success of the campaign and the stations that generate the most responses by using 12 different toll-free numbers that will show the channel being watched.

People who go to the campaign's Web site will be asked which channel they were watching.

"We want to know whether the ads are giving Nevada a good return on our investment without having to wait a long time to find out, and this TV campaign will provide fast information," commission Executive Director Bruce Bommarito said.

"Viewer inquiries will be tracked as they're made and the results provided to us daily. If a commercial doesn't meet our expectations, we can redirect our advertising dollars immediately."

The "Wide Open" campaign also includes print ads, which began running in travel and adventure magazines in December and are being tracked for reader response.


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