Role of Police Taser Studied Follwing Man's Death

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Authorities were investigating whether a police Taser was responsible for the death of a man after he received several electronic jolts during a confrontation at a Las Vegas Housing Authority complex.

William Lomax, 26, of North Las Vegas, died after being shot by a Las Vegas police officer using a Taser gun, Lt. Tom Monahan said Monday.

Lomax died Saturday afternoon at a Las Vegas hospital where he was taken after a fight Friday evening with security guards, paramedics and the police officer.

Investigators think Lomax was under the influence of drugs, but the Clark County coroner's office said a cause of death had not been determined. Toxicology results were still pending.

Monahan said it was too early to know if the Taser contributed to Lomax's death.

Tasers fire small dart-like projectiles and transmit powerful electrical jolts causing people to lose muscular control and collapse. Las Vegas police began using the stun guns this year as an alternative to handguns.

Lomax was not under arrest at the time of the incident.