Crime Prevention Street Closure

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Officials want to curb the drug trafficking into Pat Baker Park. Over the past two years, there's been 108 reported narcotics calls to police. Not to mention nearly 26-hundred calls for service.

Residents would still be able to access Montello Street through alternate routes. One says it's worth the small inconvenience if the drug activity slows down.

Police say this is a decision that was not made overnight. Over the past year, officers knocked on 15-hundred doors for input on the proposal.

Chris Good, with the city of Reno, says most of the people were in favor of it but at first were too scared to come forward.

He says the problems are with locals but people from Northern California coming in with drugs and selling them in and around the park.

Cocaine and Methamphetamine have been the drugs of choice.

Officials say the closure will last six to nine months and then they'll re-evaluate the progress.