Meetings To Discuss Roadside Memorials Set

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Roadside memorials for people killed in traffic accidents would be allowed to stand for only two years under a draft proposal by the state Department of Transportation.

No existing memorials erected at the site of a fatal accident would be allowed to remain in their present form.

The suggested rules are to be discussed in a series of public meetings starting Tuesday and running through the end of the month.

Other options would be to continue with the existing policy and not remove any memorials unless they're a hazard or are inappropriate in size and design - or to forbid all roadside memorials.

All new markers would be a standardized fabricated sign prepared and installed by the highway department. They wouldn't include a name or a date.

Department officials said the guidelines would help alert motorists to the consequences of unsafe driving and would serve as a method to help grieving family and friends without encouraging people to stop and look at the marker.

Department spokesman Scott Magruder said unusual cases of roadside memorials for people who didn't die as the result of a traffic-related accident, such as Krystal Steadman, aren't covered in the draft proposal and will be dealt with later.

The meetings will be held Tuesday at Elko High School, Wednesday at the transportation department office in Sparks, Thursday at the office in Carson City and March 31 at Paradise Community Center in Las Vegas. They begin at 4 p.m.