Early Fire Season

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The small fire scortched the side of this house on 335 Cortez Court in Spanish Springs.Normally the event would not make our news. But consider the home is owned by a fireman, and the fire started from A controlled burn in the backyard. You may realize just how vulnerable we all are.

Captain Todd Keckley of Reno Fire Department described what happened. " A spark apparently got caught by the wind, wafted down...came out into his vegetation up front and you can see the result."

According to fire officials there were proper permits for the burn. The fireman even tried to put it out with his own hose.
Capt Keckley says most of the work was done by the time crews got there. " Lost his first garden hose in the fire and he had to go get a garden hose next door, by the time we got here he had gotten in knocked down and had it under control."

Controlled burns even in experienced hands can get out of control and with conditions as dry as they are, right now fire dangers is high.
Bob Knoll a Reno Battalion Fire Chief already sees a problem. " Our current conditions are more like what we see in June and July in terms of fuel moisture."

Knoll says this fire off of McCarran Boulevard in northwest Reno only burned about two acres. But cheat grass from last year has not been knocked down by snow and new grass should be sprouting up in the weeks to come. " We will see if there is enough moisture to get that started, then we'll have a double crop."

Knoll says now is the time to start thinking about defensible space and pay attention to wind speed and direction for controlled burns. It could be a long hot summer in more ways than one.