State's Number Of Active Registered Voters Declines

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The number of active registered voters in Nevada fell to 846,487 at the end of January, a decline of 65,859 from the previous month, Secretary of State Dean Heller says.

Heller said Clark County Registrar Larry Lomax switched 69,138 voters to the inactive list. He said Lomax followed the law by declaring that voters who have changed their address and not notified the registrar's office be declared inactive.

"That does not mean these voters cannot vote or that their registrations have been canceled," Heller said Thursday. "It is important for citizens to realize that according to state law, if a voter changes his or her address, the local election registration official must be notified of that change."

A voter placed on the inactive list will no longer be mailed election-related materials. But their registration will not be canceled unless they fail to vote in two consecutive general elections.

If the voter on the inactive list updates his address, his name will be returned to active status.

The latest registration figures show Republicans outnumbering Democrats 352,730 to 339,503, the largest margin in years. Non-partisans numbered 128,039.