Shopping for a New Cell Phone or a New Plan Can be a Daunting Experience

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Each person's needs are different.
And.. each cell phone company caters to those different needs.
Industry experts say.. your best bet for getting the right phone and service.. is to ask the right questions.
What *do* you want out of your service?
"Reliability. I want to have the same signal strength.. wherever I go".
It's one of the first questions a cell phone sales representative will ask.
Next question.. features.
"Whether it be camera phones.. internet options.. or if they're just looking for something that's new and neet to work with".:
Next.. where do you live?
And.. where do you travel?
"A lot of people.. especially if they're living within the Reno are and they're not doing a lot of traveling.. Cricket isn't a bad service to go with because it gives them unlimited usage within this market.. however.. that coverage is very small.":
Cricket phones only work in Reno.. Sparks.. Carson City.. Sun Valley and Lemmon Valley.
A basic plan is 29.99 a month.. a good deal for parents of teenagers who don't want skyrocketing bills.
But.. what if you're looking for more?
: "If you can get a good national plan.. I think it's worth it".
National plans will cost you more.. but there are benefits.
As far as Sprint's national plans are concerned..
"They allow the customers to travel outside the market to pretty much any major city across the nation".
Sprint has also just introduced a walkie talkie feature.
Nextel phones also have a walkie-talkie feature, but tend to be larger. But with that size comes more sturdiness.
AT&T plans work for a specific traveler.
AT&T is one of the few companies that covers markets like Winnemucca and Tonopah".
T Mobile can be a good choice for those who do lots of international travelling.. but.. the service has no roaming..
That means.. if you're in the middle of nowhere.. you're phone won't work.
For those looking for a family plan.. use caution.
Most plans allow two or more phones to share a pool of minutes.. but if you go over your limit.. it can get expensive.. as high as 40-or-45 cents a minute.
There are other factors to consider as well..
First.. when you purchase your phone.. realize your buying a service as well.. a service you sign a contract for.
Second.. ask how much you'll be charged for activation.. charges can be up to 36-dollars.. depending on the provider.
Next.. ask your friends and family about their service.. what do they like and dislike about it?
And.. finally.. check into instant and mail in rebates.. and don't forget to ask about due dates to make sure you get your money.