Daylight Savings Headaches

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On your marks, get set, get ready to change your watch, your car clock, your microwave...and there's probably one more you may be forgetting. While you prepare to tackle that job, other local companies are preparing for the unknown.

What other place besides an airport relies more on time? At Reno-Tahoe International, flight schedules are precise. Springing forward three weeks early won't change the nature of air travel, but human error could cause some delays.

"It's a busy weekend and Sunday morning is no exception. At daylight savings, whether it's three weeks early or not, people always forget to set clocks back or forward," said Brian Kulpin of Reno-Tahoe International.

Forgetful travelers aren't the only ones who need to double check their watches. The entire airport is on a crunch.

"Are your computers ready? Is your customer service ready? We're trying to get our whole team ready for the unknown. This is a whole new experience moving it up like this," said Kulpin.

Saint Mary's hospital in Reno is also getting ready for the early time change. Their entire operation relies on computers.

"All of our clinical systems have been updated with daylight savings time patches and we're not anticipating any problems with patient care. We did have a small issue with some of our internal communications systems. A patch has been applied and again, not impacting patient care," said Saint Mary's representative Josh Charlebois.

It seems about the only place where time stands still is a casino. Although much of the Peppermill's electronic gaming relies on computers to operate, patches are in place to keep things running once the clocks go forward. And as far as punctuality goes, well, have you ever seen a clock in a casino?

"It's just not the nature of the business. I don't think people look around. It's like an amusement park. There's not a lot of clocks in an amusement park either. That's what they like to do and they'll do it as long as they like," said Bill Hughes of Peppermill.

While time may not be a concern for some, it probably is for you. Don't forget to turn your clock forward an hour this Sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. If you forget to, no worries...whatever you're doing that day, you may just be fashionably early.