School Funding Crisis

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The bill would raise the real estate transfer tax in the county with the money going towards education.

Steve Mulvenon, District Spokesman, "We have schools in the district in need of major improvements. We don't want them to become a safety hazard that the school has to be shut down."

More than thirty elementary schools alone are forty plus years old, including Sun Valley elementary which was built in 1951.

Alyson Kendrick, Principal, "We have an old, antiquated school. I wouldn't say its dilapitated. But we need help."

News Channel 8 took a tour today and saw for ourselves roof holes, chipped paint, ripped carpet, and boilers in need of repair.

The good news is that the school is getting new carpet in one of its building Friday, over the spring break.

Teachers say the poor physical appearance and structural problems make it difficult to foster a positive learning environment.

Jodie, Band Teacher, "It's all about first impressions. Who wants to teach or learn in a place that has to use the cafeteria for some classes because there's no money to build."

Some parents agree saying they've seen the problems and they're not getting any better.

But, Principal Kendrick insists her children are excited to learn and her teachers are working to do the best they can for education.

Sun Valley elementary is labeled by the state as a school that needs improvement. If state goals aren't met by the end of this year, there could be action taken.