Earthquake Near Topaz Lake

Near WALKER, California ( -- Thursday 08 March 2007:

An earthquake centered between Bridgeport and Topaz Lake shook parts of Nevada and California this evening.

The U.S. Geological Survey says it had a preliminary magnitude of 4.7, and hit at 7:17 pm.

Residents from Mineral, Esmeralda, and Douglas counties called our newsroom to report feeling movement. A weather watcher from Walker Lake said it lasted 20 to 30 seconds. We've received no reports of damage.

If you felt the shaking, let us know what it was like by e-mailing us at

LINK to U.S. Geological Survey page:


Michael Nelson, of Wellington, Nevada:
"Just felt a small earthquake out here in Smith Valley. Heard it coming like someone was driving up the driveway and then everything moved for a few moments."

Katherine Sullivan, of Dayton, Nevada:
"Our household located six miles east of Dayton also felt the earthquake. At first I thought it was a strong gust of wind; however, there was a small rolling sensation and it was not windy at the time. There was no damage."

Drake Vilareal, of Walker, California:
"I live in Walker (and attend Coleville High School), which is situated directly between Topaz lake and Bridgeport, I (and my family) felt the quake at full force, It shook the entire house but didn't knock anything down. It last about 20 seconds. Then an after shock about half the strength of the first one hit, it lasted for only about 5 seconds. When the first one started I thought someone was stomping on the ground, but it quickly picked up started shaking violently."

Mel Straus, of Mariposa, California:
"I'm in Mariposa, California, and I felt it. Just one jolt, but it rocked the house a bit."