Fallon Murder Latest

Churchill county sheriff's deputies arrested a 17 year old Joanna Plants for the shooting death of her 42 year old stepmother, Ginger Plants. The woman's body was found at a home in the 2300 block of the Schurz highway in Fallon late Monday morning.

We know the information vacuum and rumor mill has produced some misleading reports. For instance, contrary to some reports, Joanna was never headed toward the school she had attended. The brief lockdown there and at 2 other local schools was simply ordered as a precaution.

About Joanna herself, we don't know any details of her juvenile record. We do know she was the victim in an alleged sexual assault in 2005. In her testimony she said she had been using methamphetamine since she was 11 and had run away from home and lived with other drug users in the Fallon area. And we know after her arrest she tested positive for meth.

From unofficial sources, people who know the family, a picture starts to emerge of a young girl, separated from her mother at an early age who started down a destructive road that's led to a tragic end.

An investigation revealed that Joanna Plants had an argument with her father and step-father Monday morning. At about 10:45 Joanna asked a neighbor for a ride to a family church located on Crook Road.

During the ride the neighbor saw that Joanna was carrying a gun. Upon arriving at the church, the neighbor convinced Joanna to leave the gun while Joanna left the car and ran to the back of the church.

When the neighbor returned to their house the Sherrif's Deputies were arriving at the house. The deputies then went to the Crook Road church and found Joanna hiding behind the church. She was arrested without incident.

Joanna Plants is charged with Open Murder with the Use of a Firearm, First Degree Felony Murder with the Use of a Firearm and Unlawful Use of a Controlled Substance while Possessing a Firearm. She is being held at the Churchill County Detention Facility with bail currently set at $1 million.