Parole Violator Caught

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It turned out, the 21-year-old suspect, was in their files to arrest anyway for a parole violation.

Reno police responded to 197 Kirman Avenue for a report of a domestic abuse call. When they arrived, they found Andrew Aiken barricaded inside.

Officers called P & P to assist and News Channel 8's cameras were there for the hour long stand-off.

At one point, Aiken tried to jump out the back window to avoid being arrested. He finally came out with his hands up and unarmed.

Various law enforcement agency officers took him into custody without any shots fired or anyone hurt.

News Channel 8's James Steiner asked Aiken why he refused to come out before authorities had to try force and ram his door open.

Aiken, Suspect, "I was scared." (he shook his head yes when Steiner asked if he was happy it ended peacefully)

Police say Aiken also had a history of domestic abuse, obstruction of justice, and fraud.