Graffiti on the Rise

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The capitol city had a total of 451 graffiti cases all of last year. Sheriff Ken Furlong says the vandalism is being done by mostly gangs.

Furlong, Sheriff, "They try and rival each other. One crosses out anothers lettering and it's a sign of disrespect. That can lead to violence."

Last October, two rival gangs got their frustrations out by shooting at each other. One suspected gang member died in that shooting.

Shortly after, the city launched a coalition to rid graffiti and gang violence. But, residents say it's only making a small dent in the community problem.

Jessyica Johns, Resident, "It's ugly, an eyesore, and it's right outside my house. Wake up in the morning it's there. By afternoon it's gone, and then right back up again at night."

Sheriff's deputies urge the public to be vigilant. They say if you see tagging jot down a license plate number, or suspect description, and call police.

Otherwise, authorities say this will be the most difficult crime to prosecute if they don't catch the criminals in the act.