Parental Report Cards

It's a ritual familiar to every parent, looking over the report card their child brings home from school. But, what if you, as the parent, were the one being graded, on your involvement in your child's education.

Nevada lawmakers are now considering a bill to require under-performing elementary schools issue report cards to parents, grading them on participation. The "subjects" would include things like attendance, home work and parent-teacher conferences.

Some school officials worry that 'report cards' could come off as judgmental or punitive. The idea is to engage parents, not create confrontation.

We talked with legislators, teachers and administrators about this concept today. They all agreed on 2 things: parental involvement is important. Schools can encourage it, but it can't be forced. Right now, about 40 Nevada schools would fall under the requirements. However, none of them are in Washoe County. Two elementary schools, Lemmon Valley and Trainer, haven't met that standard for 2 years.