Reno VA Hospital

In Washington today the undersecretary of the army and two top generals were called on the carpet by a congressional committee investigation conditions at Walter Reed hospital.

There were apologies and vows of reform but members of the house committee weren't satisfied.

They grilled the officials on why earlier reports of problems at the military's top hospital had apparently been ignored. The scandal, first exposed in a story in the Washington Post, is being felt not only at Walter Reed but at every VA medical center in the country.

The VA hospital here in Reno has a reputation of being one of the best in country. One reason may be the infusion of money and lots of it. Just last year alone the VA spent more than 700 million dollars in Nevada. Half of that going to health care. There is even a new emergency room in the works that will be open 24-7.

But the greatest advantage the VA hospital has is its ability to serve a small veterans community with up to the date staff and equipment. Badly wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan don't come here. They go to the Military facility at Palo Alto, California.

As the situation at Walter Reed may be a national disgrace our veterans here in Nevada can be proud of our VA hospital here in Reno.