Parents React to Report Cards

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A report card for parents?

The idea may make some moms and dads feel the first day of school jitters all over again, but many of them are confident they would get an "A" grade in parenting.

While your kids are at school, do you know what they're up to? Single mother Brandy Cook says if her three kids are anything like she was as a student, they might be fooling her.

"Kids will be kids. I had two parents and I still scammed by my parents. I'd tell my parents 'yeah I'm going to school' and I found ways around attendance. I mean basically, a kid will do what they have to do," said Cook.

Tamie Tatticks is also a single parent. She works only part time so she can take care of her only daughter, Alexia. Tatticks says schools should take responsibility for what goes on inside the classroom, but it's up to parents like her to make the most of time spent at home.

"She is my priority. Everything revolves around her. Any thought, any thing I do throughout the day, even my job revolves around her. I provide a good home for her," said Tatticks.

Sherrie Oliver is married with seven kids. She says being involved in their home and school lives is a full-time job. Even her son Kevin says he understands the importance of parental accountability.

"Usually kids say they get to stay up to whatever time they want. Sometimes I think that's not fair to me, but I think their parents should limit their bedtime," said Kevin Cassaday, Oliver's son.

Oliver says Kevin and her six other kids are a handful, especially when they're not in school.

"I know everybody is busy. I'm busy too, but you just have to find the time," said Oliver.

If the new bill passes, a busy lifestyle will no longer be an excuse for parents. If they want to make a good grade, they'll have to make time for their kids.