Nevada lawmakers tell ACLU its ideas for prisons are hard to justify

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Two key Nevada lawmakers say it would be hard to justify to their constituents the solutions recommended
by the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada to ease
overcrowding in state prisons.
The A-C-L-U has early release of low-risk convicts, speeding up
paroles, increasing programming to help keep convicts from
returning to prison, and finding alternatives to incarceration,
such as drug treatment programs.
Morse Arberry is chairman of Assembly Ways and Means Committee.
He says the A-C-L-U should understand lawmakers have constituents
to answer to, who don't like to hear of felons being released.
Senate Finance Chairman Bill Raggio agrees there could be
improvements in the probation system but adds that most people in
prison are repeat offenders.
As to the A-C-L-U's suggested cures for overcrowding, Raggio
says --quote-- "It's easy to say, but hard to justify when you are
talking to your constituents."