Church Deals With Sex Offender

A Reno congregation is grappling with how to deal
with a convicted sex offender who says his church attendance is an
important step toward rehabilitation.

Clergy and members at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd say
they're in a quandry over how to protect their children while
following in Christ's footsteps and welcoming a stranger.

The church has offered a covenant of 17 conditions to Calvin
Brugge, who says he will sign it. Among other restrictions, he can
only attend the 7:30 a-m Sunday service, and he's barred from using
the restroom or attending church-sponsored functions that include

The 60-year-old Brugge began attending the church in December
after moving to northern Nevada.

He's on parole for five more months after serving eight months
in a California prison for violating his parole in 2005.

He was convicted in California in 1989 for an "indecent act or
liberties with a child." In 1997, he was convicted of "lewd and
lascivious acts with a child."

Brugge has been identified as a tier three sex offender who
poses a "high risk of recidivism and threat to public safety."