Elko School Office Has Hazarodus Material Scare

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Two post offices were closed Tuesday and two local school district employees were treated for exposure to a possible contaminant found in a threatening letter, authorities said.

Elko Police Capt. Mike Smith said a white powder in the letter, opened at a central school district office, tentatively tested positive as a contaminant although he added more tests were being conducted to determine exactly what the material is.

No one was reported ill, although Elko Postmaster Dan Deremiah said workers at the main post office and an annex who may have had contact with the letter were sent home to shower and wash their clothes. In all, about 50 postal workers were sent home early.

Two school district employees, including Superintendent Antoinette Cavanaugh, were advised to seek hospital treatment for possible exposure to a hazardous substance.

Smith didn't say what the letter stated. It showed up in the morning mail at the school district's main office.