Slow Down on the Road

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If you have a lead foot, watch out. Local law enforcement is now cracking down on speeders, with extra patrols. Thursday Nevada's speeding campaign kicked into gear.

Speeding is the number 3 cause of crashes. But some say it's not just a lead foot that causes your speedometer to sky rocket over the speed limit. Jayson Smith was pulled over for speeding twenty over the speed limit.

" I was talking on my phone and my foot hit the throttle, said Smith.
" The impact that speeding has it's just not worth it. I think this campaign is really going to help save lives," said Sparks Judge Susan Deriso.

Last year there were 423 crashes in Nevada. 40 percent of those were speed related and some of them were deadly.

" The faster you go you are closing the distance at a higher rate so if you have a collision with someone the injuries will be much more sever the higher the speed the more severe the injuries," said NHP Trooper Chuck Allen