Woman Sues Man Convicted Of Killing Husband

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A woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man convicted of killing her husband in their Minden home.

In her Douglas District Court suit, Lorelle Chorkey seeks in excess of $10,000 from Christopher Fiegehen for the February 2002 slaying of her husband, Alan Chorkey.

Fiegehen, 24, is serving two consecutive life sentences without parole in Ely State Prison after his conviction of first-degree murder last year.

Fiegehen was accused of shooting his way into their home, enraged over his breakup with her daughter, Alane Dockstader. Alan Chorkey was stabbed to death, while Lorelle Chorkey was shot in the head.

Her lawyer, Kenneth Lyon of Reno, said he expects a default judgment would be reached because Fiegehen is in prison.

"In a default judgment we would go down and have a hearing with the court to prove the damages, determine a damage figure and issue a judgment that would be recorded and pursued," Lyon said.

Because Fiegehen was an adult at the time of the crime, the liability for the claims would not extend to his parents. His father is prominent Carson City businessman Al Fiegehen.

"We recognize there may be no means of collecting on any judgment, but we thought it was the right thing to do," Lyon told Gardnerville's Record-Courier newspaper. "Mrs. Chorkey has very severe injuries as a result of what happened."

She filed the civil suit Feb. 6 "more or less to obtain closure through this means as well," Lyon said.

Christopher Fiegehen, who has maintained his innocence, was arrested in Indiana three months after Alan Chorkey's death.