Pack Pride

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It's hard these days to go outside without wearing your Wolf Pack silver and blue.

Silver and Blue Outfitters in Reno has been jam packed with orders for the last home game, WAC tournament, and March Madness.

The web-based company started a year ago and has been driving around town delivering merchandise at local businesses, homes, and the post office.

While at the gym, YMCA, or out and about fans have their own gear and are displaying it proudly.

Brian Draper, Reno, "The team is doing great. I'm proud the community is coming together."

Laura Harper, UNR graduate, "I'm from Texas where everyone wears burnt orange for the Longhorns. It's almost getting to that point here."

Fans will have a chance to show off their spirit. The university planned a white-out for Saturday's game. A white T-shirt will be placed on each seat to help cheer on the Pack.