Officials Shut Down Lakemil Lodge

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Reno city officials have shut down the rest of the Lakemill Lodge near downtown because of plumbing code violations.

The move followed a police sweep on Sunday for criminals and felons and inspections by city officials on Monday, when the 75 rooms in the west tower of the low-budget motel were closed for numerous violations.

The 60 residents in the east tower were evacuated Tuesday.

During Monday's code enforcement check, authorities said inspectors found faulty fire sprinklers, unsafe electrical installations, sewage leaking into the parking garage, and other code violations.

Manager Kenwal Brar said he agreed with the city's decision to shut down the east tower for plumbing violations.

"If there's something wrong with the code, we will work with the city to get to the code," he said. "Those will be taken care of the next couple of days."

Police say that the motel is a haven for crime and drug activity. Brar disputes that reputation and said it is working to improve safety and now only rents to employed tenants.

During the two-day sweep, police arrested 19 people. Most of the
arrests were for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, officers said.

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