Smile You're on Red Light Camera

Chief Michael Poehlman of Reno Police Department testified to the importance of the red light camera. "Is a critical public safety bill for us and an opportunity to demonstrate we can impact and save people's lives and reduce the carnage caused by red light runners."

Police chief Michael Poehlman along with all other major law enforcement heads here in Nevada are in favor of the bill saying it would reduce accidents and fatalities in intersections.

Frank Adams with the Nevada Sheriffs & Chiefs Association spoke about the problem statewide of collisions in intersections. "In 2005 Nevada had 427 fatalities statewide 91 of those were a result of intersection crashes."

According to testimony today, more than 200 local jurisdictions nationwide have implemented the red light cameras. And while backers of the bill say the system would reduct accident. Opponents of the measure say the system aren't about safety, but money.
Chad Dornsife represented \Best Highway Safety Practices.This isn't about safety this is somebody's being sold a bill of good that this is a way to collect money from the public, without having to go through the court system and its a short cut to the fine collection process."

Dornsife says there is no incentive to make intersections safer if a camera is installed there because the systems have to pay for themselves.

The pictures taken in the intersection contain the driver, car and plate number. Tickets are mailed to the registered owner with the fine reflecting the price of a parking ticket, no moving violation will be applied to the driving record"

Senator Maggie Carlton a democrat from Clark County made one observation at today's hearing that was not disputed by law enforcement representatives ." We are going to be treating the same offense two different ways. "