Former Reno Councilwoman Could Face Jail

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A former Reno councilwoman convicted of conspiring to steal campaign funds could face jail for violating probation, authorities said.

A probation revocation hearing is scheduled Wednesday in Washoe District Court for Sherrie Doyle, whose probation ends next week.

"We're going to go in and ask that her probation be revoked," said Tom Sargent, spokesman for the state attorney generals office. "What that ultimately means will be up to the judge."

Doyle told the Reno Gazette-Journal that said she expects to fulfill court-ordered conditions by the time her probation period ends Feb. 12.

The former Ward 4 councilwoman was give a suspended three-month jail sentence and placed on a year's probation last year after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit theft, a gross misdemeanor.

She also was ordered to pay $2,500 in restitution and to perform 40 hours of community service.

But probation officer Wayne Diek said Doyle has violated several conditions of her sentence.

"Ms. Doyle has failed to follow through with the directives of the court despite admonishments and referrals by the division," Diek said in a report filed with the court.

"She has not completed any hours of community service and has made very little effort to pay supervision fees and no attempt to make restitution payments," he wrote.

Doyle said she has completed 10 hours of work with the Nevada Humane Society and plans to complete the other 30 hours by the time her probation is complete.

She also said she will pay the $2,500.

A single mother, Doyle said 2003 was a difficult year. Her 7-year-old daughter has been chronically ill with a rare virus and has required extensive medical care, she said.

"I spent most of the summer in the Stanford University's cardiology ICU," Doyle said.

Doyle was indicted by a grand jury in March 2002 and charged with 16 felony counts of stealing from her 1998 and 1999 campaign contributions.

Prosecutors said she took $10,000 and misused another $5,000. In a plea bargain, Doyle agreed to plead guilty to the one conspiracy count but maintained her innocence.

Last February, Hardesty criticized prosecutors for seeking felony charges instead of taking the case to the ethics committee.

He then sentenced her to three months in the Washoe County Jail, suspended the sentence and ordered her to spend a year on probation, with conditions that included paying restitution and community service.