Drug Sting Revealed

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Monday night, we took you along with a bust of one of the city's high level dealers.

The Street Enforcement Team says 70-percent of their drug deals are for methamphetamine, which is the number one drug of choice in Reno.

Tuesday night, James Steiner interviewed a inmate from the Washoe County jail. 22-year-old Terril Boss was arrested in December for burglary and larceny. He said he stole to fuel his addiction.

Boss, Inmate, "It's in every aspect of the environment. From the rich, to the low end of the totem pole, I think if people in kindergarten knew what it was and wanted it they could get it."

And, finally, on Wednesday night we explored the overall drug problem in the city. As we mentioned, meth ranked first followed by cocaine and marijuana. These statistics are based on a minimum of 100 arrests.

SET team commander, Dave Evans, says the drug is being imported in super labs from Central California and smuggled across the border from Mexico.

He says with the addiction problems police are seeing a rise in other crimes.

Evans, SET Commander, "Burglaries, Identity theft, people ask why should I care it doesn't affect me. Wrong, meth plays a part in many crimes."

Although we focused on the law enforcement side of the problem, the SET team is also involved in the treatment side.

They work with educators, counselors, and legislators to make sure there are enough programs for addicts if they want help.

The meth alliance is the local group working with community leaders to rid our area of this destructive drug.