Judge Rules Against Genoa Developer

A judge ruled Tuesday against a wealthy developer who wanted to build a timeshare project in the historic Genoa area.

"This is not the hardest case I've ever had to hear," District Judge Dave Gamble said as he rejected the effort by Mario Antoci, owner of Genoa Lakes Golf Course and MDA Enterprises.

The ruling from the bench followed about two hours of arguments by several lawyers representing Antoci, Douglas County commissioners and area homeowners. It wasn't immediately known whether Antoci would try to appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Antoci's proposal was rejected last May by county commissioners who cited concerns about the potential for flooding, traffic increases and density, a 1992 commission decision that restricted development in the area, and incompatibility with Genoa.

The 1992 decision allowed the golf course and 220 residential units on what was the Hollister ranch just north of Genoa, which claims to be Nevada's first non-Indian settlement.

"Obviously, we're all very happy with the outcome. This is the law," Genoa Lakes homeowner Germaine McMorris said after the court proceeding. She was one of many Genoa Lakes Association members who fought the project.

Also opposing the 156-unit timeshare were the Genoa Pioneer Trails Association and Dennis Evenson, who lives in Pioneer Trails. That group feared the use of one of its streets as an access route to the development.

Antoci had argued that the county commission's denial wasn't based on substantial evidence and amounted to an abuse of discretion.

The project called for 39 two-story buildings and a nearly 19,000-square-foot fitness center - on land that critics say is under water when the Carson River periodically floods.