Web Campaigning

The Nevada presidential caucus is still a full 332-days away plenty of time, for the candidates to reach out to the so-called "I-Generation." With the click of a mouse endless amounts of information can be at your finger tips. That's why so many candidates are using the internet to reach out to voters.

One local assemblyman says the internet is one tool, a candidate needs in his or her tool box to be successful.

"Candidates need to use the internet in such a way that he or she will compliment his or her other efforts to reach voters. For example putting something on his or her website that was talked about during a TV interview," said Assemblyman Daivd Bobzien of the 24th district.

But some say sites such myspace.com is not the only thing that will gain voters"

" With a website you are at mercy of the person clicking on it where then the radio or TV adds you can pick your demographic," says Pete Ernaut of R and R Partners.

Whether a voter prefers going online or hearing a candidate speak at a forum it seems like the election of 2008 will give voters lots of ways to find out exactly who should take over the white house.

The nevada democratic caucus will take place on January 19th.