Ensign Discusses British Plans for Iraq

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Nevada Senator John Ensign has echoed Bush administration leaders in saying that Britain's decision to start withdrawing troops from Iraq is good news.

While some Democrats see Britain's move as a sign of a crumbling US-led coalition, Ensign says "I think it's a pretty good thing. We're being successful in certain areas so they were able to draw down."

Ensign also says he supports President Bush's troop buildup in Iraq even though he's uncertain about its chances for success.

In remarks to reporters and in an earlier speech to state lawmakers, Ensign also called for bipartisanship and cooperation "not only across the aisle but from Washington, DC, to Carson City."

In his speech, Ensign praised soldiers from Nevada who have fought in Iraq, and called for new services for vets including a nursing home in northern Nevada to complement one in southern Nevada.

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