Reno 911 Miami: The Movie

Comedy Centrals "The Biggest Little Cities" crime fighting unit is coming to the big screen.

In the movie, the crew of Reno 9-1-1 heads to Miami to save the day, after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention during spring break.

The title of the movie, Reno 911- Miami may make you scratch your head, but Robin Hallabird of the Nevada Film Office says the crew wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's designed to be confusing because they are those kind of guys, and Miami is a glamorous location. It works for a lot of the stunts. Reno doesn't have many alligators," she said.

Reno Police Officers say fans of the show usually have a special request.

" People always ask us about it. they say we should change our uniforms to look like reno 911. We just smile and say thank you," says Officer Bill Long.

Although everyone doesn't think this spoof is funny.
" I don't like embarrassing comedy. It's stupid stuff. I like something where I have to use my brain, says Moses McDaniel- Routt.

But others say the show is really funny.
Iit's like a reality show it has everything personal, life, criminal, it has it all," says Dolores Neuls.

Washoe County Sheriff Deputies say the movie is far from reality and the Deputies enjoy spending their day fighting crime on the real streets of reno 911, but some of the reno police officers do poke fun at the show.

"We will interface someone's head on one of the reno 911 characters especially the guy with the really short pants. It's really funny," says Long.

"Reno 9-1-1, Miami: The Movie" hits theatres on Friday. Thursday night, there's a special premier at the Riverside, in Downtown Reno.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Department was invited to attend but respectfully declined.