Biden in Reno

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Biden highlighted his five point plan for Iraq, which includes a gradual withdrawl of U-S troops.

Biden, Delaware Senator, "The fundamental question is what will be left behind. What interests will we leave behind."

The Delaware senator would rather see Iraq turn into a federal state, and separate into three regions. Each region would govern its own people.

Biden also added that the war we should be fighting is in Afghanistan. He believes that country houses the most terrorist groups. Democrats agreed.

Rob McHaney, Voter, "It's the forgotten war. We have all this attention on Iraq yet there are four thousand troops still there."

Biden's foreign policy resonated with voters who were impressed by his experience but also his contacts. Biden talked about having personal relationships with all the heads of state.

Senator Biden says this won't be his last stop to Nevada. He says the Silver State will play a very important role in his bid for President, especially will the Nevada Democratic caucuses moved up this year to second behind Iowa.