Nevada Appeal Hosts Overflow Party for Candidates

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For those who weren't able to get tickets to the Presidential Forum at the community center, they still may get a chance to hear their candidates.

The Nevada Appeals offices in Carson City are hosting a spillover party for Democrats who didn't get tickets to the community center event. Hundreds of Nevada Democrats will fill the seats at the first-come, first-serve event on Wednesday. The party will host a live feed of the real forum.

"We're going to have a much larger voice in helping pick those next presidential candidates. We've seen huge interest from people all over the state. We had 400 tickets and over 800 calls from people who wanted tickets," said Kirsten Searer of the Nevada Democratic Party.

Joanna Vernarecci's been active in the Democratic party since she was able to vote. She got a ticket to Appeal Forum so she could meet some of the candidates one-on-one and hopefully, narrow down her choices for president.

"I'd like to get their views on what's happening with the war in Iraq, health care is a big issue here. People don't have enough health care. I'd like to see what these candidates plan to do for us," said Vernarecci.

So far, three candidates have signed on to the event so far: Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware and Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut. After all the seats are filled with Nevada voters, some of the other candidates may also make an appearance.

Hilary Clinton, for example may want to make her way over to the Appeal. It could mean breaking the tie for Vernarecci, who's still on the fence about her 2008 vote.

"Right now I would have to say it would be between Hilary and Obama. Just because they are so diverse and I think we're ready for a real big change in this country."

Even if Clinton doesn't make it to the overflow forum, party officials say Nevada's Democrat voters will have plenty of chances in the next couple years to meet their favorite candidates.