Nevada Voter Totals Approaches One Million

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Nevada's voter registration increased to 912,346 in December, continuing a a climb toward the 1 million mark, Secretary of State Dean Heller said Wednesday.

"Several national organizations are targeting Nevada in voter registration drives, knowing the registration numbers separating the two major parties remain close," Heller said.

The December total already is well above the 869,859 Nevadans who signed up to vote before the close of registration for the 2002 elections. The total in 2000, the last presidential election year, was 874,859.

The latest totals show there are 376,386 registered Republicans and 367,943 registered Democrats, a difference of 8,443. There are 139,475 nonpartisans, 17,707 Independent Americans' 5,204 Libertarians; 2,710 Greens; 976 Natural Laws; 196 Reform Party members; and 1,749 "others."

Only three of the 17 counties have a majority of Democrats. Clark County has 258,953 Democrats compared with 225,911 Republican and 93,012 nonpartisans. The other counties with majority Democratic registration are Mineral and White Pine.

The 1st Congressional District, represented by Democrat Shelley Berkley, has 116,350 Democrats, 81,464 Republicans and 37,055 nonpartisan voters.

The 2nd Congressional District, represented by Republican Jim Gibbons, has 156,900 Republicans, 115,456 Democrats and 49,340 nonpartisans.

The 3rd Congressional District, represented by Republican Jon Porter, has 137,965 Republicans and 136,115 Democrats with 53,060 nonpartisan.