Obama in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) - White House hopeful Barack Obama complained
about "slash and burn" politics in Washington in a brief stop in
Nevada Sunday.

The speech at the Clark County Government Center was the
Illinois Democrat's first appearance in Nevada since declaring his
presidential ambitions eight days ago.

Obama largely stuck to the outsider themes that have underscored
his campaign since it was officially launched last week.

The senator, whose father was from Kenya and whose mother came
from Kansas, placed his candidacy on a timeline of civil rights
struggles and promised to restore a sense of hope and community to
the country.

About 35-hundred people turned out for the speech. Obama called for more funding for education, pledged to reform
the health care system in his term in office and said significant
numbers of troops should be coming home from the Middle East by
March 31st.

Except for a passing reference to immigration, he made no
mention of Yucca Mountain, water or other hot topics in Nevada and
the West.

The senator took no questions from the audience or the media,
and spent only about three hours in the state before flying to San
Diego for a fundraiser.