Carson Man going to District Court

CARSON CITY (AP) - A Carson City man accused of shooting a
sheriff's deputy during a drug raid has been bound over for trial
in Carson District Court.

A Carson Justice Court judge ruled Friday there was sufficient
evidence to try 51-year-old Mark Fiddler on charges of attempted
murder and battery with a deadly weapon in the February first
shooting of Deputy Josh Stagliano.

Stagliano, who underwent surgery after a bullet shattered a bone
in a wrist, testified that he was the first person to enter the
Fall Street house after officers pounded on the door and then broke
the door with a battering ram at about 3 a-m.

The five-year veteran of the force says he saw a man pointing a
rifle at him in a darkened bedroom before the shot was fired.

Defense attorney Angelyn Gates suggested in her closing
statement that Fiddler was acting in self-defense. Fiddler told
investigators that he was sleeping and wouldn't have fired if he
had known it was an officer.

Fiddler awaits a March fifth arraignment in district court.