Ensign misses key vote on Bush's Iraq plan

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LAS VEGAS (AP) - Nevada's Republican Senator John Ensign missed a key vote on the Iraq war Saturday.
Ensign says he came home to spend time with his family Thursday
and chose not to fly back to Washington after Senate Majority Harry
Reid decided to hold the vote over the weekend.
Reid and the Democrats lost the effort to call a vote on a
resolution disapproving of the president's plan to increase troop
level in Iraq.
Ensign has been accusing Democrats of "hypocrisy" on a
resolution vote.
He accused the Democratic majority of refusing to allow G-O-P
senators to offer amendments, including one that would pledge not
to cut off funding for U-S troops in Iraq.
Ensign's spokesman says the senator's vote would not have made a
difference to the outcome of Saturday's vote.

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