Edwards in Nevada

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Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards
took his plan for universal health care to union-strong Las Vegas

Edwards visited the local branch of the electrical workers labor
group to which his brother belongs.

The stop was the ninth the former North Carolina senator has
made to the Silver State since he lost as Democrat John Kerry's
running mate in 2004.
He came to Nevada six times last year, including a stop in
December to announce he was running for president.

Edwards was greeted by about three hundred people at the local
office of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
The Edwards campaign is hoping his ties to the labor movement
will help him gain support in the state.

Nevada recently won the Number Two spot on the Democratic
nomination calendar between Iowa and New Hampshire.

Edwards unveiled his health care plan two weeks ago. It requires
employers to cover their workers or pay into a fund to help them.
It also mandates that health care providers decrease
administrative costs, switch to using electronic records and would
create a market for individuals and small businesses to shop for
coverage providers.

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